Passion Party #323 - Recipe For a Great Year

I ended the "old year"
with a hike in Eaton Canyon, above Pasadena
massages for Diana and I
composing music (an Adagio for cello and string orchestra)
a sushi dinner at our favorite local restaurant.

I started the "new year"
with a hike up the Baldwin Hills Overlook
cooking a big pot of chili
a music party with friends from Santa Monica High School and members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and UCLA faculty.

The ingredients for a great year:
- time to reflect
- time to hike in nature
- time to cook nourishing food
- time to take care of my body with exercise and massage
- time to compose and play music
- time with friends and family

Mix 2 - 3 ingredients per day, and have a great year!


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