Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Passion Party #242 - Markers

I remember so clearly
when my distant Aunt came up to me
at my Bar Mitzvah and said,
"Congratulations - and I can't wait to come to your wedding."

We place these markers in our life
different ones for different cultures
but the themes are the same:
- Birth
- Coming of age (whether it is 13 or 15 or whenever)
- Moving out of the parent's house
- Marriage
- Having a child
- Retirement
- Death

These markers help us grab on to what we have
and what we are letting go of
They help us mark the passage of time
Time that tends to slip away
turn into a blur if we don't focus on it now and then.

As we touch these markers
we feel unique
having made it to a new time and place
and if we have been lucky
we look back in joy
and look forward in anticipation.

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