Passion Party #228 - New Speakers

It is amazing
how we get used to things
and tolerate them because
it is easier to do nothing then to fix the problem.

For years now I have had an old set of speakers for my home computer.
They were never very good - the sub-woofer (the bass speaker) was always too loud and would boom if the volume was turned up too much. Even when I got a new computer I kept these old speakers because, well, they worked OK enough.
Being really into music I listen a LOT on the home computer, probably at least as much as on the home stereo system (I know, this is a quaint concept, but yes, I have a component stereo system in the living room just to hear music.)

Yesterday I was at Fry's to get something for the office and I thought, why not buy a new set of speakers?
So I did, and I set them up last night.
OH MY GOD, what a difference! The advancement in speaker technology over the last few years has been exponential!
The cost to buy them: $25.00, with a $5.00 rebate.
The time to set it up? One hour
And the result? My joy is overflowing - I am still smiling.


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