Thursday, June 24, 2010

Passion Party #240 - What Isn't Working?

Life is frustrating right now.
There is so much trouble in the world
News is bad
The world is broke.
Business feels like it is a Race To The Bottom
Products keep getting cheaper, not better
and we gather together
at the edge of our landfill
to throw out all our stuff
because things are just not worth fixing.

Today I do not need to fix the world
I just need to fix what is in front of me.
What isn't working?
Why isn't it working?
Is it worth fixing?
What can I do to "re-frame" the problem?
Is it something I can have control over?
If so, I will work on that part of the problem.
Otherwise, it is
just more idle chatter
more noise in a noisy world.

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