Monday, October 28, 2013

Passion Party #490 - Turning 30

For me turning 30 was painful.
Coming from a generation that was taught “Don’t trust anyone over 30”, it was like approaching the Dark Side.

I was a mess of emotions.

I was in a rough place. My wife and I continued to live beyond our means, using credit cards to keep our lives afloat.  I was in the midst of an early and ongoing “mid-life crisis”.  Music was not paying the bills, and I could not go back to selling cars again.

On my birthday I remember the only phone calls I got were from creditors, and the only mail I got was bills (sounds like a blues song...)
At the same time I was getting this strong internal desire to have a child with my wife Shelby.

People speak about a woman’s body clock, but I know it is not just women that have this feeling.
Having known Shelby since before the birth of her first son, and having helped raised him from the age of 5 or so, Shelby and I felt we would be good parents together.  But our son was still a year and 10 months away from showing up.

I guess what I am saying is
Life is not simple, not orderly,
It rarely happens as we want it to.
But somehow it all works out
And a wonderful person
Shows up
And grows up into a wonderful man,
father and husband.

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