Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Passion Party #472: The Pursuit of Passion

I would rather be in the pursuit of passion
than in the pursuit of happiness.

Somewhere in my early life passion became one of the emotions I realized was a key.
From a very early age I was interested in creating things.  When I was 10 my friend Joe and I would rather make our own board game than play Chutes and Ladders.
Later this creative passion led me to writing newspaper articles, having a radio show, acting, photography, film making, and in the end, a lifelong passion for music composition and theory.
This was a love affair that was deep and mysterious.  And like any great love affair, the more I gave, the more I got.
The less I felt in competition with others, the more my creative passion blossomed.
So I made a decision:
I would avoid jealousy and hatred
I would pursue passion and joy and love.
I have felt jealousy, and it’s a gnawing, destructive emotion. It pulls you and those around you down. It comes from a sense of lack, from not having enough.
I have felt passion, and it is a powerful emotion:
Talent + experience + passion = unstoppable
Passion is the fuel that keeps the fire burning.

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