Sunday, February 24, 2013

Passion Party #473 - Finding The Core

I keep asking myself the question,
"what do you really want to do?"

Once I get past the ego
of how great I am
or how talented
or what a great composer
or I am writing a symphony,
the world deserves to hear my brilliance,
blah blah blah

Once I get all that out of the way
what is left?
I want to help people
I want to be of service
not just to the greater good
but to specific people,
to see the improvements and results.
Perhaps it is to help someone who never thought they could buy a property to get their first home,
or help someone living with mountains of debt to see that it is possible to climb out of that hole, one step at a time,
or lift someone's spirits when they are trapped in a snow-bound tent in the Yosemite back-country with only food, water and an iPod with my music on it,
or to be the best dad I can be for my sons by giving them time, when that was all I had to give.

This is the core of my passion.

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