Thursday, July 12, 2012

Passion Party #455 - Advertising Run Amok

Back in the 1960s it was a simpler time.
You might be exposed to 60 advertising messages a day.
Now estimates run from 1600 - 3000 advertising messages a day.
With flashing electronic billboards,
"public service" ads hanging form lampposts,
cars turned into traveling ads, and the onslaught of online advertising
 it has become a never-ending barrage.

I recently read an article by an internet marketer who pointed out “When you get something for free, you become the product”.  This makes sense – if the website is not charging you a fee to view it or use it, you are becoming the product they will want to sell to others to maintain their bottom line.  Some, like Google, use it well, others like Myspace use it poorly and lose their viewers and lose their business.

So what is the answer?
Mine was 5 days in the mountains
no newspaper, no TV, no internet, no billboards
my mind cleared
with the help of hundreds of trees
a view of 100 miles that was not trying to sell me anything.

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