Passion Party #387 - The Jukebox In The Sky, Part 2

What if I told you
"Give me $5.00 and
I will give you access to every recording ever made for 30 days"
would you take me up on that?

You don't own the recordings, but
you can listen all you want
any time you want on your computer.
Classical, pop, jazz, etc.
15,000,000 songs and compositions
all cataloged for you
so you can search by artist name,song title,
album name, composer
from Adele to Zappa,
from Albinoni to Zorn

An "alternative universe" iTunes
where you have access to
not just your music collection (organized and cataloged for you)
but the music collection
of virtually every one on earth,
the "Jukebox in the Sky".

A game changer, right?
I have seen the future
and it is Spotify.


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