Friday, August 5, 2011

Passion Party #385 - Old Photos

It was time to go through the old photo albums.
They end around 2006
when the digital camera arrived.
Until then, the photos would collect in a pile
waiting to be sorted, put in an album
and then added to the shelf
filled with other albums of photos.

Now its time to put them away
or throw them away.
This is hard
sorting through memories
deciding which you don't need to hold any more.
Most scenes were easy to recall
but one trip to Yosemite was a revelation:
We did that?
When did we do that?

Most all the books go into storage
I am not ready to say goodbye
I want to be able to see proof
that I was really young
I really did that
Our children really did grow
All the good times really did happen.

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