Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Passion Party #348 - Discuss Finances (Money, Part 16)

The two topics that adults love to avoid
are money, and sex
as if both are dirty secrets somehow
when in reality they are both wonderful and glorious parts of life.
Lack of communication in these areas
is the downfall of many a marriage
or relationship.

With finances, it is important to know
where the money comes from
and where it goes.
Not watching every penny
but being aware
and sharing when times are bad or good.

My wife and I have always kept separate checking accounts.
We delegate to each other
the responsibility to pay certain bills
so that one person is not fully burdened
with that task.
Years ago we promised to pay off each credit card
the month it comes in,
or else not to use it.
I swear these discussions
have helped us stay in love.

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