Passion Party #340 - Make New Friends

In my Wheel of Life
one of my weak spokes
is making friends.

Unlike my wife, who has many deep and lasting friendships,
I have only a couple of people
that I would consider close friends.
I know lots and lots of people
I have many acquaintances
but how many of them would I really want to hang out with for an evening?

I want to enlarge this part of my life
I want to have many close, enduring friendships.
It feels good to have people I can really talk to,
deeply and honestly.

It doesn't take a big event
or even a special reason.
It starts, like last night, with inviting our neighbor over to join us for dinner on a weeknight, so they don't have to cook.
Really, if I am willing to be open,
I have friends everywhere, even next door.


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