Friday, December 31, 2010

Passion Party #319 - The Optimist

I don't know if it because of Christmas
or this artificial demarcation we cam The New Year
of the fact that we are finally past the winter solstice,
but there is something in human nature
that makes this an optimistic time of year.

Someone told me that human beings have a fundamental belief system that,
regardless of past experience,
tomorrow will be better.
It is what keeps our society moving.
If tomorrow was going to be worse,
why would I go out and buy that new TV?

Our selective memory
allows our brain to forget the pain of childbirth
and gives us the willingness to have a second child
or allows us to forget the pain of carrying a 45 pound backpack and sleeping on rocks
and gives us the willingness to climb another mountain.

And if everything does begin with a thought
I would rather be an optimist.

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