Thursday, December 30, 2010

Passion Party #318 - The Computer Whisperer

We each have our own talents and expertise.
A lot of what we do in life
involves finding that place
where passion and ability intersect
where we create what we want to be.

My son and his wife came to visit the other weekend, flying down from Oregon to celebrate the holidays and to help me set up a new wireless sound system.
Ben has always had a brain that works like a Windows operating system.
He reads owner's manuals for fun.

The first day he got here we started in on setting up the units, getting the correct connecting cables.
We got it about half-way connected, when the system stopped recognizing the remote units.
At that point I got frustrated, and my wife and I went out for an errand.

When we returned a couple of hours later, the whole system was working perfectly. Ben said it had something to do with "wireless channels" and "IP Address settings". Something I would have NEVER figured out without hours and days of helplines and frustration.

I am so grateful for my son,
the computer whisperer.

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