Thursday, September 16, 2010

Passion Party #272 - Act As If

I spent many years working at companies with bad management.
Places where on any given day I would say to myself, "I can do a better job than THAT guy!"
Then one day I was hired to work at a new bank, and a week after being hired the manager who hired me quit.

This was in 1995, in the depths of the previous housing market "crash".
People were leaving the mortgage and real estate business in droves.
I had thought seriously of finding a new career.
Instead, at that moment, I thought "Here's my chance".
I always felt that I could manage an office better than anyone I had worked under, and I was being handed an opportunity.

I walked in the next day and I told the Operations Manager that I wanted to apply for the job of Sales Manager.
And that day I started to act as if I already had the job.
I remember the change that came over me,suddenly owning my job and taking responsibility.
A month later, after much negotiation, the job was mine.
But by then the shift had already taken place.
I acted as if
until reality connected with my belief.

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