Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Passion Party #44 - Fear of Success

I spent so much of my life thinking I was afraid to fail,
afraid to put myself out there.
I thought my fear of failure stopped me from going out on my own, from taking risks.
Was it my own limitations, or my lack of focus?

"What happens when you fail?"
I get to try again.
I get to change direction and try something new.
I get to stay small.

"What happens when you succeed?"
People expect more of me.
People will be jealous of me
I end up with a different, more complicated set of problems.
People will expect me to repeat my success.
I have farther to fall.

Success is hard.
It is so much easier to fail.
So my fear of success often stops me from achieving greatness.
I have to change those old tapes about success, reverse the message that I learned so long ago. It is not my voice that I am hearing.
Now I can say
-People respect me when I succeed
-I will not get more success than I can handle
-Success is easy, it comes to me when I do the right things
-Success allows me to mentor others, and share my knowledge with the world
-I have nothing to fear from success or failure

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