Thursday, December 1, 2016

Passion Party #571 - If When, Then...

Settling goals does not cut it.
There have been too many years wasted on empty goal-setting.
Promises made in January sit collecting dust or lie tattered on the floor come December.

I know what I want to do
and I know how to do it.
The doing is the hard part
and doing it with consistency is harder.

This year, rather than set goals,
I will create "pre-suasive" statements that will help me achieve
what i want to do in my life.
Instead of having a goal of "lose 10 pounds"
I will say, "When I am offered dessert, then I say "I'll have mint tea with honey, please."
Instead of having a goal of "make more money"
I will say, "When the work day is over, then I can make one more call to a client and offer my help."

The pre-programming may seem artificial, but it is how habits are formed
I want to get where I want to go not by force but by flow.

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