Monday, November 10, 2014

Passion Party #532 - Peace and Abundance

It continues to amaze me
 that what you think about you talk about
and what you talk about you bring about.
For years my wife and I have had our private morning affirmation,
"Our life is rich, our life is full,
another day of potential and opportunity!"
Often we say it in jest
or between gritted teeth,
but somehow
our lives have turned out to be rich
with potential and opportunity.
Last week, as I hiked in the Santa Monica mountains
looking out over the Los Angeles basin,
I realized I live in the center of peace and abundance.
Now, one can argue that L.A. is not a peaceful city - 
just ask any police officer here.
And I am not discounting the tens of thousands of homeless people
that inhabit the county of Los Angeles.
And yet...
I love the thought
I live in the center of peace and abundance
and I allow it to come to me, and through me.

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