Monday, January 27, 2014

Passion Party #500 - A Lovely Day

There are things that annoy me about Los Angeles
(like the other day when I was being tailgated on the freeway by someone driving a car with a vanity plate that read, "B JENTL").
And then there are days like yesterday where you have an experience that truly could not happen in any other city in the world.
Diana and I drove to downtown Los Angeles,  parked at Disney Hall and then took the subway to the Hotel Figueroa next to the Staples Center for a pre-Grammy music party, sponsored by one of the big entertainment law firms here in town. 
We spent the afternoon sipping Chardonnay and eating middle-eastern food while we listened to young upcoming bands and thought about all the high-heels being packed into those overpriced seats in Staples Center.
Then around 5:00 PM we took a walk through downtown, up to Grand Avenue.  After a beverage stop at Nic + Stef's, we walked to Disney Hall to see the Los Angeles master Chorale perform Bach's B Minor Mass, one of the greatest choral pieces ever written.
Surrounded by glorious architecture, we listened to the chamber orchestra and 100-voice choir perform in the acoustically perfect concert hall.   The 2 hour work is one of the great monuments of Baroque music, and it carries you on a journey from forgiveness, to death, resurrection and finally to glory and a  glowing finale.
From Daft Punk to J. S. Bach, all in one day... only in L.A.

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