Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Pursuit Of Passion - Change or Die

Here is the first page from my upcoming book, "The Pursuit of Passion".

Change Or Die
It began out of frustration.
My life was stuck in a downward spiral of
hard work, dislikes, and have to's.
I had lost my passion for the business.
The question was, "what one thing can you change today
to raise your frequency to help pull yourself and other people up?"
I thought for a moment and said,
"I guess I could meditate.
I used to meditate.
But my life is so busy, my business feels so out of control, I don't have the time."
"What if you got up at 5:00 AM to meditate?"
I thought about it.
There is no way I could wake up at 5:00 AM every day.
Don't even ask me.
"What if you commit to meditation for 21 days?
One day at a time, for 21 days, you get up at 5:00 AM, meditate, and then write your
inspirational thought for the day."
"I guess I could do that.
For 21 days."
Then pick a dozen or so friends, and every morning after you write in your
journal, send them the post."
I saw what was happening.
So I agreed to reinvent myself every morning, to get in touch with my passion, for 21
And so I joined the 5:00 AM Club
and the passion party was born.

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