Thursday, September 19, 2013

Passion Party #487 - Everything You Know Is Wrong

We rarely have original thoughts
Our minds are filled with
newspaper stories
Facebook posts
news headline, details at 11:00.

And if we go deeper, below our thoughts
we find our belief systems.
These may have come from teachers we had,
or books we have read,
but most of them come form our upbringing.
From Mom and Dad.

I know it is true because my momma told me.
But what if momma was guessing?
What if she was just repeating what her momma said?

So much of what we are taught (or not taught)
about love, money, relationships, business...
is wrong.
If we clear the slate
and start from
"What is my experience personally?" and
"How would I like my life to work?" and
"What beliefs will support that vision?"
we can rebuild that belief system
until finally our life and our beliefs feel congruent
and everything we know is right.

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