Thursday, June 27, 2013

Passion Party - Time, Part 3 (My Relationship With Time)

 My relationship with time
is that I am always trying to create more of it.
It used to be an argument with the clock
but the clock always won.

We have all agreed
to live by the clock
dividing our days and nights
into 24 pieces of 60 minutes each.

And yet some of us
seem to get so much more done
in the time we are given.

What allows a Mozart to write 41 symphonies in 35 years? (A complete set of his compositions takes up 180 compact discs!)
What allows a John Coltrane to change the course of jazz and release 24 albums in 12 years?

An intensity
a sense of purpose
a focused use of the limited time we are given

Now my relationship with time is more of a negotiation -
how to steal an hour from sleep
so I can be more awake,
how to be more efficient in the hours
that make up this conscious journey.

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