Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Passion PArty #467 - Core Beliefs

Some beliefs are built on science:
"The sun will rise every morning"
Some beliefs are based purely on experience:
"Work is hard"
Some beliefs are not based on our experience,
but on what we were taught to believe:
"There's not enough for everyone, so take all you can"

I believe it is possible
to reset core beliefs,
getting rid of the ones that might have served me as a child
ones that are no longer helpful as an adult
ones that block me from getting to my highest self.

When doubt fills my mind, I just need to remember
my new core beliefs:
 - There is enough time
 - I am here to play big
 - I love the unknown
 - As I grow I will be surrounded by people that love and support me
 - The universe won't give me anything I can't handle

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