Monday, August 6, 2012

Passion Party #461 - Change The Subject

Let's talk about happiness.
A funny thing will happen:
the more we talk about it, the less happy I become.
One cannot "try to be happy".
One just is happy, or not.
It is an ephemeral state which,
like a passing cloud,
brings pleasure when one notices it.

When I am unhappy about a conversation
I have a habit that bothers some people.
I change the subject.
This is not a bad thing.
As Eric Weiner says in "The Geography of Bliss",
 "When you get down to it, there are basically three, and only three, ways to make yourself happier.  You can increase the amount of positive affect (good feelings).  You can decrease the amount of negative affect (bad feelings).  Or you can change the subject."

The road to happiness is not paved with words.
Perhaps, after all, happiness is not in the mind,
but in the "never mind".

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