Friday, May 25, 2012

Passion Party #448 - Game Changer

I got on a train on Sunday.
We boarded the Expo Line at La Cienega
and 30 minutes later we were in downtown Los Angeles
and 15 minutes after that we were at Disney Hall,
eating a picnic lunch in the garden,
the sound of Bandera music
wafting over the wall from the band at the
Fiesta Broadway four blocks away.

On the ride home
we stopped at the Exposition Park Rose Garden,
and joined the other families wandering about
amongst the acres of the most wonderful roses, totally in bloom.
Exposition Park is a grand city park, like you find in Great Cities
filled with museums, gardens, fountains
and people, all kinds of people
enjoying the day together.

Then we rode home,
and dreamed of when the train reaches Culver City,
and then the Santa Monica Beaches,
and I thought,
"We live in a great city."

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