Monday, October 10, 2011

Passion Party #401 - In The Box

We have been trained to stay
in the box.

We wear a collar called "What We Know".
We spent 12 years of our early life
being taught to write on the lines,
color within the margins,
move to the next class when the bell rings,
and since then we have been burned
by going too far astray.

Perhaps we ventured out once
and felt the pain
and now we won't go near the edge.
We stay in the box
because we remember the pain of the unknown.

But guess what?
The wire broke a while ago
and the system doesn't work.
We can take off the collar
and we won't get shocked.

Its okay to ask "I wonder what would happen if..."
and do something about it.
Growth happens with curiosity
outside the box.
Step outside, and look around.

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