Monday, July 11, 2011

Passion Party #376 - Surviving The Recovery

WE are coming up on the 4th year
since the beginning of the Mortgage Meltdown
Three years since the Great Depression of '08
and the "Too Big To Fail" credit crisis
Two years since the start of the stock market "recovery"

Why is it then
when I talk to most people
they are still in financial shock?
Either they, or a relative or a close friend, are
still looking for a job since they got laid off.

Perhaps it is the shock at the gas station,
or the loss in home value
or the baggage fees at the airport
or the $2.00 head of lettuce and the $5.00 tomato...

Whatever it is,
we are living in this new reality
we have survived the Crash of 2008
now we need to survive the recovery.

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