Friday, June 24, 2011

Passion Party #373 - Graduation Night

About 500 of us enter a cruise ship
destination unknown, but it does not matter
We are there for fun and friendship
and to celebrate our accomplishments,
to celebrate our lives.

Inside it is like Sugar Mountain,
a dance party with DJ, lights and video,
a casino with prizes,
a karaoke room, a restaurant,
fortune tellers, arcade games, giant slide,
climbing wall and padded sumo-wrestling outfits
(hard to describe, you really had to be there)

We are there all night
and then, around 4:00 AM
we are led to a large outdoor amphitheater
where a bonfire, suspended over a small pond
has been set up.
The bonfire is lit, and for the next hour it burns,
sparks shooting high, crackling in the air
The ashes and embers falling into the pond with a hissing sound
as the wooden structure is consumed.

I want to stay here
until it burns to the ground.
People start leaving, but I don't want to.
I don't want to leave.
Finally the sky starts to lighten
and I notice that the people left
are all my friends
We hug and cry
The night has passed
The fire dies out as day breaks
Finally I leave
on my own
In the end
we all leave
on our own journey.

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