Monday, August 16, 2010

Passion Party #256 - Shaken To The Foundation

We build a structure around ourselves
a strong support
filled with activities,
things we are good at,
our daily habits and activities
supported by those we love.
We build this castle strong
until it becomes us,
until it contains who we see ourselves as
and it holds all our things and possessions.

But what happens
when the castle is shaken to the foundation?
When all the protection and barriers are taken away
when for a few days you are forced
to not do all those things you have been filling your time with;
when for four days there is nothing
but you and your next destination
and the observation of your natural surroundings.

And when you return
do you just jump into your fortress, working frantically to rebuild the walls?
Or do you stop and think
about how to take that outside
and make it your inside
to turn your fortress
into a pavilion.

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