Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Passion Party #195 - Mercedes The Lady

When we first met Mercedes
my son Benji was 15,
volunteering for an animal rescue organization.
It was a weekend, and we came to the parking lot
to look at homeless dogs.

I always thought that if we got a dog it would be a golden lab, or some type of dog to play fetch. Evan, who was 5, really wanted a dog to cuddle and play with. We had been through the rabbit, the gerbil, the iguana and the white rat, and none of them fit the bill.
I didn't know what kind of dog we would get, but I never thought it would be a long-haired white fluffball girly-dog.

But that was the day we met Mercedes.
She was a pure-bred American Eskimo (with no papers), and had been handed in by a family when they had kids. It was too much for them to handle a frisky dog and little babies at the same time.

She was smiling and shiny in the sunlight
and we could tell right off the bat she was polite.
She loved to be petted. One walk around the block, and that was it, we knew we had a dog.

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