Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Passion Party #589 - Competeition vs. "Rising Tide"

As I go through life I have many choices.
Every day, every minute I can choose the direction I want to take:
Go to work or go to the beach
Go to the gym or eat bon-bons in bed...
In a similar way I get to choose the people I surround myself with, my "tribe"

In my business there is a tribe called the Competition Tribe.  This tribe has leaders and followers, a few winners and many losers.  This tribe measures itself by the sales board, or perhaps how many push-ups you can do.  This is not a bad thing, but in a Competition Tribe there can only be one first place winner. If you come in second, you are a loser.

I have chosen to build a "Rising Tide" Tribe. This tribe has leaders and followers, but no winners or losers. The game we play is to get better at our craft each day, and bring others along with us so that everyone improves. The tribe measures itself by the quality of life we live, not by how many units sold this month.

Of course I still love to become better, smarter and stronger.  But the competition is only with myself. The question I ask is not "who can I conquer today?", it is "how can I improve the well-being of each person I plan to see today?"