Monday, April 30, 2012

Passion Party #444 - Listen

I am here today
to listen and learn
to continue my human experience.
My goals and plans
mean very little
and can be blown aside
by the merest distraction.

Listen -
the heart pumping blood
though my veins
this fragile shell I call body

I am here to learn
to collect lessons about pain and love
to listen with compassion and
without judgment

and let that internal voice
shake loose the ego
release the one who wants to fix everything
and grab hold of the one that says
"How can I love you more?"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Passion Party #443 - Checking In

I need to speak with you
not because things are so bad
be because things are so good.

Because we can spend a day in love together
after being a couple for 25 years

Because the more specific I am
the more successful I am in getting what I ask for.

Today my biggest fear
is that I will sabotage my success
with old behavior.
It is uncomfortable getting what you ask for
questions of worthiness and integrity arise
And so I need you
to hold my hand
and tell me it's more than okay:
it is just harvesting
the seeds that have been planted.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Passion Party #442 - Surrender

We are taught at a young age
never to give up.
Try, try again.

But maybe surrender is not such a bad thing.
Perhaps giving up allows me to move on
to the next item on Life's agenda.

Like the small country that goes to war
knowing that when it surrenders
reparations will follow,
the universe will honor me when I stop the battle:
when I stop "trying" and start "doing".

Perhaps "I surrender"
really means
"I don't know everything"
"I can't do everything"
"My way is not working".

Surround yourself with love.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Passion Party #441 - Serve More People

Being a waiter won't make you wealthy.
Being a restaurant owner that serves thousands of people can make you wealthy.
Being McDonalds and serving BILLIONS can make many people wealthy.

Serving people creates abundance
Serving people creates happiness
Serving people creates purpose
Serving people creates passion

It can start with an idea
or an activity
or a song
or a design
and then...
it's a question of: How many people will it touch?
How well does it serve it's purpose?
How well do you serve your purpose?
How can you serve more people?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Passion Party #440 - Magical City

I live in a magical city
where the sun constantly shines
and they are always busy
building more roads to help me
speed from here to there.

A city where one night I can drive for 30 minutes
and be in a bedroom community
at the edge of the entertainment industry
and for the price of two drinks
see a guitarist that played with Benny Goodman,

And the next night I can drive for 30 minutes
and be in a ghostly downtown
filled with architectural delights
lit with neon colors and searchlights,
arrive at a loft in Little Tokyo
that feels imported from Manhattan
and for the price of two drinks
see a 25-year-old guitarist that plays like Pat Metheny.

Leaving the club at 11PM,
driving through streets littered with homeless
and visions of countless car commercials,
the city sparkled and said,
"Ignore the 3-car accident on the 10,
take surface streets".

Monday, April 9, 2012

Passion Party #439 - The Power Of Gratitude

I used to think
Asking for help was weakness
and showing thanks was weaker still
Admitting a second time
that I cannot do this alone.

But now I see
the power of gratitude
It colors my sky
infusing my life with
joy and camaraderie.

I wake up in the morning
thankful that my feet touch the floor
Another day on this earth
The sun will kiss my skin
My eyes will view dawn's arrival

It is true
I cannot do this alone
and gratitude
is the cornerstone of abundance.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Passion Party #438 - Education in a Google World

More and more it seems
it is Google's world
and I just live in it.

The old teaching method of rote memorization
becomes meaningless when The Oracle is always on.
"Who fought The War of 1812?"
can be answered in a nanosecond.
Why cram my brain with useless facts?

Computers are made for storage
the human brain is made for processing.
Today's education needs to teach
how to solve interesting questions like,
"What makes me different?"
"What should I do next?"
"What makes a great leader?"