Friday, June 22, 2012

Passion Party #452 - Quietness

There is a quietness here
the wind blowing through the trees
oak and pine intermingled
creating a unique sound
the low rustle accompanied by the high wind.
The craziness falls away
becoming as meaningless as running for a streetcar.

We are meant to be dreamers,
dreamers that energize their thoughts with actions:
The hard stuff,
the hours of making it right
and sometimes, in the end,
we get this
beauty, peacefulness
a sanctuary for the spirit.

A night of quietness
before returning to the jumble and rush of the city.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Passion Party #451 - My Relationship With Time, Part 2

If we all agree that
your choice today creates the future,
then how you spend your time today
creates your future relationship with time.

Long ago I decided that time was valuable, and I did not want to waste it.
I decided that I would spend 90% of my time at work actually working;
if I am not working I would rather be somewhere else, so why not just be somewhere else?

Now that I have committed to
focusing on work while I am working,
I can use technology and team-mates
to help create a better use of my time.

Efficiency does not create more time,
it crates the illusion of more time
because I get to spend more time
doing what I want to do.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Passion Party #450 - My Relationship With Time

My relationship with time
is that I am always trying to create more of it.
It used to be an argument with the clock
but the clock always won.

We have all agreed
to live by the clock
dividing our days and nights
into 24 pieces of 60 minutes each.

And yet some of us
seem to get so much more done
in the time we are given.

What allows a Mozart to write 41 symphonies in 35 years? (A complete set of his compositions takes up 180 compact discs!)
What allows a John Coltrane to change the course of jazz and release 24 albums in 12 years?

An intensity
a sense of purpose
a focused use of the limited time we are given

Now my relationship with time is more of a negotiation -
how to steal an hour from sleep
so I can be more awake,
how to be more efficient in the hours
that make up this conscious journey.