Sunday, November 29, 2015

Passion Party #554 - About To Be

(inspired by Seth Godin)

The only way to become the writer who has written a book is to write one.
The only way to become the musician who has released a music CD is to release one.
And you can't create your second CD until you've done the first.
You can't win a Grammy unless you have an album up for consideration.
It is the doing first. Whether it is running, or walking, or golf, or leading.
Yes, the only way to become a leader is to start to lead.
It really is a little mind game, this "acting as if".  It starts with a desire, and then a thought, and then an action.  And finally, if you follow through, there it is.  It is a mix of the present and the future, with a healthy dose of ignoring the past.
Just tell yourself what you are about to be.  And then become it.