Monday, September 10, 2018

Passion Party #590 - Warren Buffett, Dr. Oz, Joe Stumpf and 9 Things for the New Year

I love learning. And I love reading lists. So I love reading lists of what other people have learned.
These bits of knowledge do not transform my life. That is, unless I take them and make them part of my daily routine, so they become a habit.

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the start of a week of reflection and repentance. Here's my list of 9 Things for the New Year, culled from three pretty smart people, my business coach Joe Stumpf, Dr. Oz, and a word from Warren Buffett as well.

1) Create a morning ritual to get centered: Stretch, meditate, write, share
2) Stop eating by 8PM each night.  Start eating again after 8:00 AM the next morning
3) Get enough sleep (7-8 hours night)
4) If you feel lonely, pick up the phone and call a friend.  If your friend is not available, make a new one! 
5) Reduce calories to lose weight.  exercise to build strength and stamina, not to lose weight.
6) Have a Date Night with your significant other at least 2 times a month
7) Spend at least 5 hours each week learning something new
8) Always have a project you are passionate about to work on.
9) Give more than you get, every day!

Have a happy, healthy and blessed New Year!